Sky Arb is an email messaging service dedicated to sending subscribers alerts for low cost international airfare opportunities. We started our company in 2017 with the purpose of finding the lowest cost options to travel internationally and initially focused on flights departing from the United States. We have plans to expand our service to include dozens of departure locations across Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Sky Arb is independent of airlines and travel agents. We are not affiliated with any travel service providers or search engines. We offer both free and paid subscription services and aim to provide useful, actionable alerts to all of our subscribers. We believe that our advantage over other airfare travel optimizers is the scope and frequency of our search capabilities.

Our service focuses on roundtrip opportunities and does not consider hidden-city flights, back-to-back ticketing, multi-city roundtrips, or other “hacker fares.” We avoid these types of flights because they are complicated, often unreliable, antagonistic to airlines, and can void frequent-flyer miles accrued on some trips. Instead, we want our subscribers to save costs, build travel rewards, and be able to use their own discounts when booking already-reduced airfare.

Our name “Sky Arb” is in reference to the spirit of “sky arbitrage” as it relates to finding terrific, value-priced airfare. We want our subscribers to travel the world as inexpensively and safely as possible.