Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Sky Arb is an email alert service dedicated to sending emails for discounted international and US domestic airfare opportunities to our subscribers. Our service sends email alerts when we notice significant discounts compared to regular airfare prices on specific routes. Our name “Sky Arb” is in reference to the spirit of “sky arbitrage” as it relates to finding terrific, value-priced airfare.
Yes, you can sign up for a free subscription to Sky Arb’s weekly international flight alerts by providing an email address and creating a login on the Home page. Sky Arb also offers a paid premium subscription service (Sky Arb Pro) that provides domestic flight email alerts for the United States plus additional benefits. See the “What benefits does Sky Arb Pro give users?” question below for more details.
Sky Arb is different from other flight deal services because it 1) always tries to find the lowest cost flight option while prioritizing airlines with excellent reputations, 2) is able to search more thoroughly and broadly than competitors by using an algorithmic and systematic approach, and 3) is not affiliated with any online travel services and does not receive commissions. Sky Arb Pro as a premium membership is also different from competitors because it 4) offers subscribers the ability to create their own route-specific custom alerts, 5) allows subscribers to search a large airfare database, and 6) offers alerts for US domestic flights. Competitors often focus on different segments of the travel market, which can lead to higher prices. Additionally, several Sky Arb alerts (see Latest Flight Savings for examples) are bundled into a single email, which helps keep subscribers’ inboxes uncluttered.
You can sign up for free international flight email alerts on the Home page by entering your email or visiting the Create Account page.
You can sign up for Sky Arb Pro by 1) first creating a free account and then 2) upgrading to a premium account on the on the Premium page.
Sky Arb Pro subscribers 1) receive all international flight alerts for up to 3 departure locations, 2) have access to domestic flight alerts for the United States, 3) have the ability to create up to five route-specific custom alerts at a time, 4) have access to the searchable flight database, 5) receive all email alerts and 6) will never have advertisements in email alerts. See the Sky Arb Pro page for more details.
No, Sky Arb is not affiliated with any travel service providers or search engines. Sky Arb does not receive commissions or incentives from third parties for recommending flights alerts.
Sky Arb is initially focused on flights departing from the United States. We have plans to expand our service to include other regions around the world as well at some point in the future.
Yes, with a Sky Arb Pro subscription, users can set up to 5 Custom Flight Alerts. Check out the Sky Arb Pro page for more details.
Sky Arb sends alerts for low-cost international airfare in summary emails approximately once per week for free subscription users. Each weekly email includes 5 to 10 flight alerts for global international routes. Alerts we identify are either low-cost in absolute terms (often in the $300 range or cheaper), or are being offering at substantial discounts to their regular average price, or both.
Changes made to your Sky Arb account may not take effect immediately and there could be a small time delay as our servers process your request. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided on the How To page to ensure you've taken the necessary steps to make the desired changes to your account. If you continue having problems, please send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Booking Questions

Yes, all of Sky Arb’s flight alerts are actionable and represent an opportunity to book discounted airfare. The opportunity to reserve discounted tickets passes quickly and can last from as short as a few hours to as long as a few days. We try to send out flight alerts as soon as we find them to maximize subscribers’ chances of booking discounted airfare before it's gone.
On rare occasions, Sky Arb will find opportunities to reserve discounted first class or business class airfare. The majority of our alerts are for discounted economy class flights because the maximum savings is often found for these opportunities. Demand for first class or business class airfare tends to be more price inelastic, which means there are fewer opportunities to spot large discounts.
Yes, the online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch engines (MSEs) that are featured in Sky Arb’s email alerts are trustworthy and are able to book flights without discrepancies. The links to reserve tickets included in our email alerts for Momondo, Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak are trustworthy in our experience.
Yes definitely, we encourage you to use your personal flight rewards, frequent flyer miles, and any other savings to make discounted flights even cheaper. However, Sky Arb does not consider these kinds of adjustments when generating flight alerts because these rewards programs are unique to individuals.

Sky Arb Pro Questions

Visit the Sky Arb Login page and then access your User Profile page to adjust profile settings. Select the "Edit" button under "Account Settings" to change your departure location and press "Update Profile" to save the change. For more details see the How To page.
Yes, all payment and billing information is securely handled by Stripe, our third-party payment processor (Stripe is the payment processor for over 100,000 merchants globally). All billing information is handled by Stripe and Sky Arb does not retain or collect any personal credit card information on its servers.
You can pause receiving flight alerts by logging into the User Profile page and setting your departure preference to "Inactive - Pause Alerts" under "Account Settings". This will pause alerts being sent to your email address. If you wish to cancel your premium subscription, you can select the red Cancel button under "Account Settings", which will bring you to the Change or Cancel Subscription page. From there, follow the instructions on screen to confirm the cancellation of your premium subscription.
Yes, you can cancel your Sky Arb Pro subscription and request a refund. We will refund Sky Arb Pro membership purchases if a customer refund request is submitted within 30 calendar days of the membership order confirmation. Please email Sky Arb Pro refund requests to with the subject line “Refund Request” so that we may acknowledge the message and respond accordingly. Occasionally we offer Sky Arb Pro memberships at discounted prices as part of promotions and during seasonal holidays; discounted Sky Arb Pro memberships are not eligible for refunds. Sky Arb Pro memberships offered through unauthorized resellers or affiliates (memberships not directly sold through Sky Arb’s website) are not eligible for refunds.
Yes, Sky Arb Pro subscriptions renew automatically each billing period, which is set at the expiry of the current subscription term. The term of your subscription is either 1 month, 1 quarter (3 months), or 1 year (12 months) depending on which subscription plan you have for your account.
Yes, Sky Arb sends a confirmation email for all Sky Arb Pro subscription purchases. This confirmation email includes the date of the subscription purchase, cost of the subscription, and billing frequency.

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