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Welcome to the Sky Arb How To page where you will find helpful pointers on how to use and interact with our site. Click the links in the index of topics below to navigate to a specific guide or simply scroll until you find what you are looking for. If you are unable to find what you are searching for, feel free to send us a message at

Index of How To Topics

1. Getting Started with Email Alerts

Signing Up for Free Email Alerts

Signing up for free email alerts with Sky Arb is fast and simple. To create a free account, enter an email address, create a password, and select a departure location preference. Once complete, you will be added to our mailing list and will start to receive weekly email alerts. You can sign up for a free account either on the Home page by inputting your email address or through the Create Account page, which is linked to from the login page.

How To - Create Account

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Unsubscribing from Alerts

At any time you can unsubscribe from receiving email alerts. Simply follow the link at the bottom of any email alert or log into your Profile page to adjust your account settings. To temporarily pause receiving alerts, please see the Pause Alerts directions, otherwise see the Delete Account directions.

How To - Unsubscribe

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How to Use Sky Arb Email Alerts

Sky Arb's email alerts are best viewed on desktop computers using Firefox or Chrome; however, all devices and browsers are supported. Please add to your email inbox's trusted senders list to avoid messages from being mistakenly sent to the spam folder. Our email alerts are designed to be easy to read and navigate. Each alert starts with a summary table at the top that lists out the flight alerts.

How To - Alert Summary Table

Following the summary table is detailed information on each flight alert destination. Details about the flight's date range, price, flight duration and airlines are listed on the left. In the paragraphs below we provide booking suggestions and a brief description of some of the attractions each travel destination has to offer.

How To - Flight Details How To - Flight Details Second

At the bottom of each flight alert we provide links for viewing the exact route shown above on Momondo, Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak. Remember, you cannot book flights through Sky Arb. Tickets must be purchased through a third-party provider, like an airline, online travel agent, or directed by a metasearch engine. Sky Arb is an email alert service to notify users when low-cost, discount airfare is currently being offered for a variety of locations.

How To - Flight Links

At the bottom of alerts you can find helpful links to the Sky Arb user login page, premium sign-up page, and a link to see other recent alerts from your departure location on our website. A link is also provided to unsubscribe from getting alerts.

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2. Making Adjustments to Your Account

Changing Your Username/Email

A valid email address must be provided as a username for your Sky Arb account. Your email address is where flight alerts and all customer communications are sent. You can edit you account's email address on the Profile page under "Account Settings". Select the light blue "Edit" button and confirm that you would like to edit your email address. Then input your updated email in the textbox which appears. Finally, click the "Update Profile" button at the bottom to submit the change to your account settings.

How To - Email Update

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Resetting Your Password

You may reset your password at any time using your account's email on the Password Reset page. This page can be reached by clicking "Reset Password?" on the Login page or on your Profile page by selecting "Send Password Reset Email" under Account Settings. On the Password Reset page you must enter in the email address associated with your account and an email will be sent with a one-time link to reset your password.

How To - Password Change Button How To - Password Change Email

If you do not see a password reset email, please be sure to check if it was mistakenly sent to your spam folder. The link provided will only be valid for 24-hours. Click the link provided and follow the instruction on the page to enter in a new password for your account. Password changes are effective immediately. Please be sure to provide an active email address for your Sky Arb account username so that you may reset your password and receive email alerts.

How To - Password Change Form

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Changing Departure Preferences

Your departure location alert preference determines the origin of the flight for all alerts sent to your account. For example, if you set your departure location preference to SFO, you will receive alerts for flights departing from San Francisco. This can be changed at any time on your Profile page under "Account Settings". Simply select "Edit" next to the Departure Subscription row and select a location from the dropdown menu. When finished, click the "Update Profile" button at the bottom of the page for the changes to be saved. You will receive email alerts going forward corresponding to the new departure location preference selected.

How To - Departure Location Change

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Pause Email Alerts

If you wish to pause receiving email alerts, follow the same steps mentioned above in Changing Departure Preferences to change your departure location preference and select "Inactive - Pause Alerts" from the dropdown menu. This will pause the sending of weekly email alerts to your account. You can always toggle back to receiving alerts at any time on the Profile page.

How To - Pause Alerts

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Deleting an Account

If you wish to temporarily stop receiving email alerts, please see the above directions on how to Pause Email Alerts. You can delete your Sky Arb account by navigating to the Profile page and selecting "Delete Account" in the lower left. You must then re-enter your email address and password to confirm the deletion of your account. Please note, if you delete your account, you will immediately stop receiving email alerts and will no longer be able to log into your profile page. Deleted accounts cannot be restored.

If you are a premium member, your subscription will be cancelled and will not be renewed at the next billing date. Please see our Refund Policy page for more information.

How To - Accout Deletion

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3. Premium Subscription Accounts

Upgrading to Sky Arb Pro

To sign up for Sky Arb Pro (a premium subscription account), you must first have a basic Sky Arb account (see above Signing Up for Free Email Alerts). Upgrading your free account to Premium can be done by selecting 1 of the 3 options on the Premium page. The benefits of upgrading to Sky Arb Pro are described on the Premium page above the billing options. The Sky Arb Pro benefits are the same for all premium accounts, regardless of which billing period option is selected; the only difference is the billing frequency and amount. Once you have selected the payment option which works best for you, fill out the checkout page with your credit or debit card details to complete the transaction. All payment information is securely handled by Stripe (a third-party payment processer). Premium users can also select up to 3 departure location preferences which can be set immediately on the checkout page.

How To - Upgrade Account

Upgrading your account to premium will take effect after checkout and you will be redirected to a payment successful confirmation page indicating your sign-up was successful.

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Setting Additional Departure Preferences

As a Sky Arb Pro premium subscriber, you may select up to 3 departure location preferences for your account. These can be selected on the checkout page when you first sign-up or adjusted at any time on your Profile page under "Account Settings". Adjusting your 2 additional departure location preferences is done in the same way as adjusting your original departure location setting. Simply click the "Edit" button in the row you wish to edit, select from the dropdown menu your location of choosing, and click the "Update Profile" button at the bottom to save any changes to your profile.

How To - Additional Departure Locations

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Using Custom Alerts

Premium subscribers can set up to 5 custom alerts for their account from the Profile page. Custom alerts allow a user to set route-specific alert notifications for particular flight routes that will be sent if Sky Arb spots a price currently being offered that is below the set pricing threshold. For example, you can set a custom alert to receive an email notification from Sky Arb if we spot a NYC to Paris flight for under $400.

How To - Custom Alert Email

Once a custom alert is triggered, we will send an email summarizing the flight details to your inbox and the custom alert will be switched off. Custom alerts have 5 components which you must specify: 1) alert status on/off 2) departure location 3) destination city 4) destination country and 5) max price. Once a custom alert is set and turned "on", we will keep an eye out for any flights which meet your criteria and send you an email if we find a matching result.

How To - Custom Alert Adjustment How To - Custom Alert Adjustment Second

To set a custom alert, you must fill out the 4 inputs of the custom alert, toggle the alert to "On" and click the blue "Update" button on the bottom right of each custom alert panel for your changes to be saved. If any errors are encountered when saving your custom alert, they will appear below in red text. Please note, you must select from your current departure location preferences when choosing a departure location. You must also enter a recognized destination city and country name for the custom alert to be saved. Please do not use any special characters in location names. Enter plaintext or flattened text without accent marks for city and country names. You can only save changes made to a single custom alert at a time. You may have up to 5 active custom alerts at a given time.

If you wish to turn off a custom alert, simply click the on/off toggle in the top-left of the custom alert panel and press "Update" to save the change. The background color of the custom alert on your Profile page will be light green or grey to indicate if it's currently set to on or off.

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Turning On/Off Domestic Alerts

Another perk of being a Sky Arb Pro premium subscriber is that you have the option to receive domestic flight alerts for the United States in addition to international flight alerts for your selected departure locations. You can toggle on and off receiving domestic alerts on the Profile page by clicking the button shown below and then clicking the "Update Profile" button to save changes to your profile settings. Once turned on, you will receive domestic flight alerts for your selected departure locations shown above. When you upgrade to Sky Arb Pro, domestic alerts are automatically toggled on for your account.

How To - Domestic Alerts Toggle

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Using the Searchable Database

Sky Arb Pro premium subscribers also get access to our Searchable Database of flights. This database gives users on-demand access to view pricing and route details for various flights currently being offered. Navigate to the Database Search page and enter in one or more search criteria to look for specific flights. The results of your query will be shown in the table below. Results are capped to a maximum of 15 flights per query.

How To - Database Search

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Viewing My Subscription Billing Details

As a Sky Arb Pro premium subscriber, your billing plan will automatically renew at the end of each billing period unless cancelled. You can view the details of your billing plan on the Billing Details page, which is linked to from the Profile page. Here you will see the next billing date for your subscription, the amount that will be charged for renewal and subscription plan type. You can review these details at any time. The billing date for your account will be set according to when the premium sign-up occurred and which payment plan was selected. For example, if you signed up for Sky Arb Pro mid-month on the quarterly plan, your next billing date will be mid-month after 3 months from the initial purchase date.

How To - Billing Details

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Switching Subscription Plans

You may switch the billing of your Sky Arb Pro premium subscription at any time by navigating to the Premium page and selecting "Switch To" on one of the alternative plans listed at the bottom of the page. This will redirect to the Change or Cancel Subscription page where you can elect to change billing plan. Select from the drop-down menu on the left which billing plan you would like to switch to and then click the "Change Billing Plan" to confirm your selection. Please read the details carefully listed below and on the callout prompt when making a change to your subscription.

How To - Change Billing Plan on Premium Page How To - Change Billing Plan How To - Change Billing Plan Prompt

When switching to a different billing plan, your account will transition to the new billing cycle immediately and your previous payment plan will be cancelled. The cost of the new billing plan will be charged to your account upon switching and any unused time on your previous plan will be credited towards the new plan. For example, if you have the $5/month plan with half a month remaining until the next billing date and you upgrade to the $30/year plan, you will be charged $30-(1/2)*$5 = $27.50 and the annual plan will go into effect immediately. See the Change or Cancel Subscription page for more details and examples.

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Cancelling a Premium Subscription

You can cancel your Sky Arb Pro premium subscription at any time on the Change or Cancel Subscription page which is linked to on the Premium page and Profile page. Here you will see the option of "Cancel Subscription" in red which you can select to cancel your subscription.

How To - Cancel Subscription How To - Cancel Subscription Confirm

Cancelling your Sky Arb Pro premium subscription will disable all premium features on your account including custom alerts, additional departure location emails, and access to the searchable database. Cancellation will change your profile back to a basic account. Cancellation of your Sky Arb Pro premium subscription will take effect on the next billing date. Your account will retain its premium features until then, but will revert back to a basic account on the next billing date. Please see our Refund Policy page for more information.

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4. Additional Features and Items

Viewing Recent Alerts by Location

You can view recent Sky Arb alerts by departure location on the Recent Alerts page. Select a departure airport to see recently sent deals. Please note, alert details are posted to the Recent Alerts page with a delay. Be sure to subscribe to Sky Arb's email alert service to receive alerts as soon as they are sent out.

How To - Recent Alerts

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Navigating this Site

Navigating this site is best accomplished by using the navigation bars located at the top and bottom of each page. These will link you to the various pages where you can interact with the main features of our site.

How To - Navigation Bar

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