Benefits of a Sky Arb Pro Subscription

Access to All International Flight Email Alerts

Sky Arb Pro subscribers get access to all of the international flight email alerts. Free subscribers get access to approximately 25% of alerts. Upgrade to a Pro subscription to maximize savings!

Access to Domestic Flight Email Alerts for the United States

Sky Arb Pro subscribers get access to domestic flight alerts for the United States (and occasionally Canada). These alerts target popular destinations (Hawaii, southern California, southern Florida, and New York) when airfare is discounted.

No Advertisements in Email Alerts

Email alerts sent to Sky Arb Pro subscribers never contain advertisements. Free subscriber emails contain advertisements necessary to fund Sky Arb.

First to Receive All Email Alerts

Sky Arb Pro subscribers are the first to receive all email alerts. Free subscribers receive email alerts after an approximate 1 hour delay.

Sky Arb’s Latest Flight Saving

United States (March 2019)

 DepartureDestinationAirlineDeparture DateArrival DateAlert PriceRegular PriceSavingsStatus
1New YorkCuracaoAmericanJun. 11, 2019Jun. 17, 2019$332$600$268Pro
2San FranciscoViennaDeltaAug. 27, 2019Sep. 2, 2019$424$750$326Pro
3DenverSydneyUnitedAug. 12, 2019Aug. 18, 2019$660$1,500$840Pro
4New YorkSantiagoLATAMMay 21, 2019May 27, 2019$558$1,100$542Pro
5PhiladelphiaMumbaiIcelandairMay 28, 2019Jun. 4, 2019$757$900$143Pro
6New YorkCape TownVirginAug. 27, 2019Aug. 29, 2019$688$1,200$512Pro
7New YorkTokyoAmericanAug. 28, 2019Sep. 4, 2019$786$1,500$714Pro
8San FranciscoHong KongHong Kong AirlinesJun. 25, 2019Jul. 2, 2019$489$1,100$611Free
9Los AngelesHawaiiDeltaAug. 19, 2019Aug. 26, 2019$298$850$552Free
10New YorkHamburgIcelandairMay 22, 2019May 29, 2019$414$700$286Free

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