Refund Policy

Sky Arb will refund Sky Arb Pro subscription purchases if a customer request is submitted within 30 calendar days of the membership order confirmation. We do not offer pro-rated refunds for unused portions of Sky Arb Pro subscriptions. Monthly Sky Arb Pro subscriptions cannot be refunded (due to their length lasting 30 to 31 days) but may be canceled at any time. Refund requests involving instances of fraudulent activity, repeated Sky Arb Pro signups and cancelations, and violation of the terms of use or privacy policy will not be processed. All refunds are at Sky Arb’s discretion and may be rejected for any reason. Please email Sky Arb Pro refund requests to with the subject line “Refund Request” so that we may acknowledge the message and respond accordingly.

We will occasionally offer Sky Arb Pro memberships at discounted prices as part of promotions, during seasonal holidays, and through coupon programs. Discounted Sky Arb Pro memberships are not eligible for refunds. Sky Arb Pro memberships offered through unauthorized resellers or affiliates (memberships not directly sold through Sky Arb’s website) are not eligible for refunds. We encourage you to email us with questions regarding refund eligibility if you are unsure before purchasing a Sky Arb Pro membership.

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