USA to Hong Kong, $400s, March 2019 / June 2019

Flight Alert Summary

United, American, Cathay, Hong Kong Airlines, Air Canada, and Asiana are offering excellent roundtrip airfares to Hong Kong, China in March 2019 through June 2019. Use Google Flights to find ideal departure dates and reserve tickets through Momondo for additional savings. Sadly more departure airports are not available for this route because they are not competitive.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city filled with excitement and fun things to try. Consider visiting the Hong Kong Stars (similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame) to see Jackie Chan’s and Bruce Lee’s stars, ascending Victoria Peak to see an incredible view of the city, visiting the Big Buddha on Lantau Island, dining at the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant or Tim Ho Wan as the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, or hiking to Pai Tau Village to see the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery. Hong Kong charges zero sales tax or VAT for consumption purchases (excluding alcohol and tobacco products). If you plan to book this trip, definitely consider buying some souvenirs.

Note: Pricing in USD, all prices are illustrative and subject to change

Flight Alert Details

Hong Kong (HKG)

Las Vegas (LAS) – $601
Los Angeles (LAX) – $455
San Francisco (SFO) – $489 (Direct)
Seattle (SEA) – $571

March 2019 through June 2019

United, American, Cathay, Hong Kong Airlines, Air Canada, Asiana

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These airfares should be available for several days but prime dates in Q2 2019 will disappear quickly

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